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  1. Adaptech Project
    The Adaptech Project, consisting of a team of academics, students and consumers, conducts research on the use of computer, information and adaptive technologies by Canadian college and university students with disabilities.
    Dawson College
    3040 Sherbrooke West; Montreal, Quebec H3Z 1A4 Canada

  2. Adaptive Computing Technology
    The ACT Center helps students with disabilities work with standard computing technologies such as one on one training and experience with adaptive equipment.
    University of Missouri-Columbia.
    Columbia, Missouri 65211 USA

  3. Adaptive Technology for Computers
    University of Washington
  4. ADLS-on-the-Web
    The Adaptive Device Locator System, abbreviated ADLS, is a set of databases that help users obtain information about specialized equipment and devices that can compensate for barriers imposed by limited physical capabilities. Elderly persons, people with disabilities, educators, and helping professionals can use the Locator to identify Assistive and adaptive devices that can increase independence, facilitate education, and improve quality of life.
    AdaptWorld.com. Inc.
    3504 Tates Creek Road; Lexington, KY 40517 USA

  5. Assistive Technology Act of 1998
  6. Assistive Technology for Kansans
    Website of the Assistive Technology for Kansans Project!
  7. AssistiveTech.net
    National Public Web Site on Assistive Technology which offers extensive up-to-date assistive technology (AT) and disability-related resources, including in-depth AT reports, as well as four easy-to-use search features to find assistive technology to meet your needs. AT manufacturers and vendors can register for free to add their products to the assistivetech.net database.
  8. Assistive Technology for the Disabled Computer User
    A technical paper which addresses those Assistive technologies that help the disabled use a computer. From the Institute for Academic Technology.
  9. Assistive Technology North America Distribution (ATNAD)
    New to the U.S., ATNAD is a subsidiary of INCAP GMBH, Germany.
    ATNAD brings with them 16 years of sales experience in Europe. With their new US-office, ATNAD will be able to supply high-quality products, ensure reliable service and competitive pricing for their US-dealers and end-users.
    ATNAD offers products covering the following categories: Assistive Technology, Cerebral Palsy, General Disabilities, Independent Living, Muscular Dystrophy and Special Education.
    16 E Avenue A; Temple, Texas 76501 USA
  10. Alliance for Technology Access
    The ATA, is a network of community-based resource centers dedicated to providing information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and increasing their use of standard, Assistive, and information technologies.
    2175 East Francisco Blvd., Suite L; San Rafael, California 94901 USA
  11. ATRC
    Adaptive Technology Resource Centre; University of Toronto. Purpose is to develop and share solutions to challenges faced by users of adaptive technology.
  12. AZtech
    AZtech, Inc. is a non-profit, community-based enterprise, by and for persons with disabilities. AZtech is operated by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Evaluation and Transfer (RERC-TET). The RERC-TET is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education.
  13. CAST
    Center for Applied Special Technology, is an organization that improves education for all students through the principles of universal design. Founded in 1984, CAST is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities through innovative computer technology.
    39 Cross Street, Suite 201; Peabody, Massachusetts 01960 USA
  14. Center for Accessible Technology(CforAT)
    Non-profit organization that works with children and adults with disabilities, their families, teachers, counselors, and employers to explore computer systems, adaptive devices and software.
    2547 8th Street, 12A; Berkeley, California 94710 USA
  15. Center for Assistive Technology
    The Center for Assistive Technology at the University at Buffalo conducts research, education and service to increase knowledge about Assistive devices for persons with disabilities.
  16. Closing The Gap
    Internationally recognized source for information on innovative applications of microcomputer technology in special education and rehabilitation.
    PO Box 68, 526 Main St.; Henderson, Minnesota 56044 USA
  17. Communications Technology for Everyone
    Implications for the Classroom and Beyond. By Peter David Blanck.
  18. Crossroads Rehabilitation Center
    helping people learn how to overcome barriers in the home, school, and work place.
    4740 Kingsway Drive; Indianapolis, Indiana 46205 USA
  19. DREAMMS for Kids, Inc.
    Developmental Research for the Effective Advancement of Memory and Motor Skills Non-profit parent and professional service agency, that specializes in Assistive Technology related research, development, and information dissemination. Founded in 1988 by the parents of a child with Down syndrome, DREAMMS is committed to facilitating the use of computers, Assistive and adaptive technologies, and quality instructional technologies for students and youth with special needs in schools, homes, and the community.
    Freeville, New York USA
  20. EASI
    Equal Access to Software and Information.
    Students and professionals with disabilities must have the same access to information and resources as everyone else!
  21. Iowa Program for Assistive Technology
    IPAT's goal is to make Assistive technology more affordable and accessible to persons with disabilities throughout the state of Iowa.
    University of Iowa, Iowa USA.
    • InfoTech/IOWA Compass
      Information and Referral Service. InfoTech/IOWA Compass provides free, up-to-date product information on commercially available adaptive equipment for people with disabilities or people who are elderly. People with disabilities, family members, professionals, and advocates from Iowa may call InfoTech and request information about the availability of Assistive devices.
  22. Kentucky Assistive Technology Services Network
    The KATS Network, is a state-wide, consumer-driven organization whose primary mission is to establish a statewide, comprehensive system for the provision of Assistive technology devices and services to individuals with disabilities.
    Charles McDowell Center, Louisville, Kentucky USA
  23. Languageimages
    Pre-made and custom Picture Schedules and Communication Boards for children and adults who have communication disorders associated with autism, aphasia, cognitive deficits, dementia, and other neurological disorders.
  24. Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network
    LATAN's mission is to increase access to Assistive technology in Louisiana by facilitating the development and implementation of a seamless system of Assistive technology services and supports for all persons with disabilities.
    PO Box 14115; Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898 USA
  25. NCATP
    The North Carolina Assistive Technology Project is creating a statewide system to coordinate Assistive technology services.
  26. PATINS Project
    The PATINS Project is an Indiana Department of Education Assistive Technology systems change initiative.
  27. Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
    on Hearing Enhancement. The RERC on Hearing Enhancement and Assistive Devices.
    The Lexington School for the Deaf
    Center for the Deaf
    30th Avenue and 75th Street; Jackson Heights, New York 11370 USA

  28. RESNA Home Page
    Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
    RESNA is an interdisciplinary association for the advancement of rehabilitation and Assistive technologies (AT).
    1700 North Moore Street, Suite 1540; Arlington, Virginia 22209-1903 USA
  29. Special Needs Ontario Windows
    SNOW from the University of Toronto, Canada is a project aimed at developing innovative ways for children with special needs to electronically access curriculum materials.
  30. TADVIC Co-operative Ltd.
    Technical Aid to the Disabled. TADVIC is an organization whose volunteer members design, construct or modify equipment for people with disabilities, provided no commercially available product or service will meet their needs. Founded in 1975 and incorporated in 1977, it operates from a small office at the Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Kew, Melbourne, Australia
  31. CATEA Projects
    National dissemination project designed to increase the utilization of existing and emerging Assistive technology by State Vocational Rehabilitation programs, Employment Specialists, Employers, and anyone interested in getting Assistive Technology into the hands of individuals with disabilitits.
    Georgia Institute of Technology, Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access
  32. Texas Technology Access
    The Texas Technology Access Program works to raise awareness, provide information and promote strong public policies that support children and adults with disabilities in their efforts to acquire and use technology as a routine part of day-to-day living.
    University of Texas at Austin.
  33. Tools For Life Assistive Technology Center
    Tools for Life increases access to appropriate assistive technology devices and assistive technology services for all Georgians with disabilities so they can live, learn, work, and play independently in communities of their choice.
  34. Unicorn Quest
    The Kids' Typing Tutor Game for One or Two Hands. This site offers much more then just "Unicorn Quest". From Movie Trivia to Story Telling (even more fun because YOU can take part in telling the story).
    Smiley Face A Must See Site!
  35. University of Puget Sound
    This resource provides definitions and an overview of Assistive technology, AT software reviews, and links to other AT sites.
  36. Vermont Assistive Technology Project
    The Vermont Assistive Technology Project is to effect systems change to insure the integration of Assistive Technology within all services to Vermonter's with disabilities.
    103 South Main Street, Weeks Building, Waterbury, Vermont 05671-2305 USA
  37. Washington Assistive Technology Act Program
    WATAP   is a consumer advocacy network that includes the AT Resource Center at the University of Washington (ATRC), the AT Resource Center at Easter Seal Society in Spokane (EATRC), and the Washington Protection and Advocacy System (WPAS).
    University of Washington.
  38. WheelchairNet
    A Wheelchair Virtual Community for consumers, families, clinicians, insurers, researchers, and suppliers.
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