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Faith Healing In The Christian Religion
Faith healing is a phrase that some Christians use who believes that God physically heals people through the power of the Holy Spirit. This involves "laying on hands" and intercessory prayer. Faith healing is often spoken of in other terms in the Christian world. The Catholic Church believes healing occurs because of intercessory prayer of a saint or a person that has the gift of healing. Physical healing has been credited to many saints of the Catholic Church. It is the most common reason...

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Labor and Delivery-Can Spiritual Healing Help?

Bringing life into the world is one of the most wonderful events in a life. It is a great time for parents but adding a child in the family may cause some stress and anxieties. Spiritual and healing can be an enormous help for both father and mother to adjust to their new roles. Bonding was thought to be done at birth but new evidence shows that babies respond to external environment outside the womb. Touch and sound can influence the fetus. Soothing music can help keep babies quiet in the nursery and babies responded to music from their mother's favorite soap opera! Talking to the child, laying your hand on your stomach and singing to the baby can help bonding to start before the actual birth. Medicine has gradually accepted healing and spiritual healing in many areas of physical health and is especially helpful during pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy can be hard on both the mother and father. Stress may be experienced during the pregnancy as parents begin adjusting to the idea they will soon have a child to care for. If a marriage is already stressed, pregnancy can irritate the situation. The hormonal changes a woman experiences may also cause stress overload. Physical symptoms include backaches, nausea and vomiting, and headaches. Healing can be helpful in easing the emotional and physical symptoms both during pregnancy, and after the birth. Healing done during pregnancy to ease physical and emotional situations may also be helpful in uncovering past hurts causing the patient undue anxiety. Spiritual healing can be paired with psychotherapy and ease the patient through the crisis in her life. In the United Kingdom, spiritual healing is offered to many expecting parents and is well-received and helpful according to reports. Healers may not practice healing during labor, delivery, and 10 days after birth unless they are accompanied by a midwife or under other medical supervision. Labor and delivery will go smoother if the mother and father are calm, peaceful, and not under stress. Aromatherapy, soft music, soothing massage, and gentle touches are important instruments in a labor and delivery room. Many hospitals are arranged so mothers may stay in one room through labor, delivery, and during their hospital stay. They are comfortable for both mother and father and often the baby stays in the room instead of the nursery. Visitors are welcome, siblings can visit, and the father can stay in the room. This allows new mothers to be comfortable in their surroundings, and allow the father to bond with the newborn child. Spiritual healing can ease the early morning sickness phase, during the later months when backaches are frequent, and then during labor and deliver. Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Healing Touch, and prayer can be instrumental in allowing a mother to enjoy this time in her life and rejoice in the miracle of birth. This results in an easier delivery, fewer problems with postpartum depression, and eases the family's adjustment...........read more

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