Hair loss prevention and treatment

  Hair loss is a common part of growing old for many men across the world. Mainly thanks to genetic predisposition, baldness and hair loss are inevitable for many of those reaching middle age. However, there are numerous conditions which can also give rise to hair loss in both men and women, as well as children. Although this may be an embarrassing time for anyone suffering from hair loss, there are numerous effective ways to make it less obvious, such as disguising the scalp with hats, wigs and scarves to cover any bald patches. Although not necessarily problematic for everyone, hair loss can indicate the presence of other, more serious conditions, so it is important to consult your physician straight away to minimize the chance of development and complication of certain potential causes.

Everyone undergoes a constant process of growing and shedding hair, which grows at a rate of one centimeter a month. However, traumatic experience, such as a major operation, or old age, or the presence of certain medical conditions can hinder the rate of growth and cause excess shedding of older hairs, resulting in baldness and thinning hair. Additionally, hair loss can be a consequence of hormonal imbalance, and is a notable feature for many post pregnancy. This cause of hair loss can be treated with hormones to maintain the bodily balance, and restart the regular cycle of hair growth and loss.
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