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 The onset of Parkinson's disease is a tragic time for any patient and their families. As a degenerative condition, patients suffering from the condition are faced with no hope of recovery, but rather a slow and wearing process of loss of movement and co-ordination. Most notably, the condition involves the tremor, whereby patients can be seen trembling uncontrollably, as well as loss in speech capabilities and gradually all functionality in its later stages.

Parkinson's disease is a disorder which takes effect on the central nervous system. A movement disorder, Parkinson's can be seen in four major symptoms; namely rigidity of muscles, a tremor of movement, slowing of overall movement (known as bradykinesia) and in certain instances loss of movement altogether. The symptoms gradually become more and more apparent in sufferers, and are progressive, that is patients do not recover, or get better. This degenerative condition is not contagious, nor passed genetically, and unfortunately very little is known about the causes of most instances of the condition. Having said that, some cases can be explained through extreme drug ...
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