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Discover schools for special needs and learning disabilities

Special needs schools fill the gap for educating children with learning disabilities, cognitive difficulties or psychological issues that make learning in a traditional classroom environment very difficult.  A learning disability may stem from attention deficit disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, deafness, blindness or autism and requires a teacher with specialized training to adequately address their needs.

Special needs children often require more direct time with a teacher or assistant and may require having a customized curriculum to allow them to learn effectively. At one time learning disabled children were pushed through mainstream education without having their needs fully met, luckily today there are special education schools and special education teachers that can address them.

Special Education Schools

There are many schools that specialize in specific types of learning disabilities, like the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford Connecticut or the Austine School for the Deaf in Brattleboro Vermont. Other schools may deal with multiple types of disabilities, be affiliated with a particular religion, gender or cater to a specific age group like kindergarten to grade 8 or grades from 9 to 12. These schools often operate privately, so price and distance will also be a factor in deciding which school is best for your child’s needs.

Here is a list of some highly regarded schools for special needs:
• Ann Arbor Academy in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Offers students diagnosed with or without learning disabilities to a wonderful place to learn.
• The Arrowsmith School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Offers a unique neuro-scientific program to help rectify learning disabilities with the goal of having students return to a traditional public or private school setting.
• Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut - Located just north of picturesque Litchfield village, this school is dedicated to helping students with special learning needs.
• The Gow School in South Wales, New York - A boy’s boarding school in western New York State close to Buffalo that caters to young men from grades 7 to 12 with dyscalculia, dyslexia or other types of learning disorders.
• The Vanguard School in Lake Wales, Florida - Boasting small class sizes between 5 to 8 students, an international student body and a beautiful Florida location. This school offers junior and upper school programs along with a post graduate year opportunity.

Paying for a special needs education may be expensive, but in the end it may be a small price to pay to ensure a future of opportunity for your child.