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Is A Power Wheel Chair Worth It?

The decision to get a power wheel chair can be a difficult one to make. Between the additional cost and the maintenance, it may seem like more trouble than the chair is worth. Here are some questions that may help you decide if a motorized wheel chair is really for you.

One of the major considerations with wheel chairs with power components is the purchase price. Make no mistake about it, the chair represents a major purchase. If money is tight, there may need to be some soul searching about whether the total cost for the chair will benefit your life sufficiently to justify the cost. This is a personal question that only you as the user of the chair can answer.

Second, there is the matter of your current level of mobility. If you are able to sit for long periods of time, and have a fairly strong energy level, having a motorized wheelchair may be what you need to get around in the house and the neighborhood. On the other hand, if you spend more time in a prone position, due to different health issues, you may spend very little time in any type of wheelchair. If you will not get an equitable amount of use from the power wheel chair, you may want to pass on the purchase.

A final consideration has to do with your desire for the chair. Will owning the chair be the motivation you need to get out and around and do more? If owning the chair will make a difference in your emotional outlook and act as an impetus to getting involved with the world around you, chances are the chair will be well worth the purchase price.

If you decide to purchase a power wheel chair, you will find many supply services that would love to earn your business. Take your time and explore all the possibilities. With some patience, you can find the exact type of motorized wheel chair that will be right for your situation.


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