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While a wheel chair is a great asset to anyone who is no longer able to walk, not all models have the most comfortable cushioning. In situations where there is a need for a little extra padding, there are a number of options for a wheel chair cushion. Here are some things to keep in mind when making a decision of what type of cushion to purchase.

The main purpose of purchasing an extra cushion for use in the wheel chair is that the comfort level of the individual will be enhanced. While many people think this means that a fluffy style of pillow will be ideal for all circumstances, that is not always the case. Depending on the type of support that is already provided by the padding on the wheel chair, the new cushion may need to be very thin or relatively thick in order to provide comfort. Take into consideration the current condition of the padding on the wheel chair before running out and purchasing the first cushion you see.

Second, the cushion should be made of materials that can be washed from time to time. This will ensure that the wheel chair cushion is fresh and appealing for the user. Stay away from cushions that are covered with mystery blends of fabrics, since they may or may not be easily cleaned. Natural fabrics also allow for better air circulation, which may also help the comfort level of the user as well.

Last, don't think it would be fun to give your conservative aunt a cushion that has a wild pattern on the shell. Keep in mind that the cushion is being purchased for someone else. As such, the pillow should reflect the tastes of the person who will use the cushion on a regular basis. Save the designs you like for yourself, and pick up wheel chair cushions that will be both physically and visually pleasing to the user.


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