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  1. Adaptive Seating and Positioning Products by Adaptive Engineering Lab
    Adaptive Engineering Lab, Inc. is a manufacturer of adaptive seating and positioning products for wheelchair users, rehabilitation therapists and suppliers.
  2. Adaptive Switch Laboratories, Inc.
    ASL  designs, develops, and manufactures specialty control products for the physically disabled. Specializing in non-proportional Driver Control Systems and momentary switches using NEAR SWITCH technology, ASL offers products that enhances the abilities of even the most severely physically challenged.
    125 Spur 191, Suite C; Spicewood, Texas 78669 USA
  3. Air Free Tires
    Safety, durability and comfort are the keystones of the Air Free Bicycle Tire collection.
    2932 Helen Ave.; Orlando, Florida 32804 USA
  4. ANNA-DOTE® Inc.
    ANNA-DOTE®  is a positioning supportive aid designed to help Geriatric and physically handicapped persons sit upright. ANNA-DOTE®  fits over the back rest of either a wheelchair or a Geriatric chair and provides the user with an extended back rest, keeping them upright and prevents sliding from side to side.
    PO Box 40, Pullam Drive; West Middlesex, Pennsylvania 16159 USA
  5. Aspen Seating
    Client-focused, precision-oriented people designing unique wheelchair seating systems to solve even the most complex seating problems. Reduce sitting-related skin problems, adapt to unique and changing needs, and nurture growing and developing children.
  6. Autochair Limited
    Autochair offers a comprehensive range of high quality products for lifting people, wheelchairs and electric scooters.
    Milford Lane, Bakewell; Derbyshire DE45 1DX
  7. Auto Fleece
    Hand crafted wool seat covers.
  8. Biologics 900T
    Multi-surface low air loss therapy is provided by the Microsolo™ 900T, which maintains therapeutic support on multiple surfaces such as beds and wheelchairs.
    Biologics, Inc.
    33 North Garden Avenue, Suite 875; Clearwater, Florida 33615 USA

  9. Bodypoint Designs Inc.
    Manufacturer of high quality wheelchair seating accessories such as Upper and Lower Body Positioning and Pelvic Positioning Hardware.
    704 NE Northlake Way; Seattle, Washington 98105-6430 USA
  10. Companion Walker
    Canadian manufacturer and distributor of walkers, wheelchairs and oxygen carts and other home health care products for seniors and the disabled.
    1324 Norfolk Drive N.W.; Calgary, Alberta T2K 5P6 Canada
  11. Custom Grip Gloves
    Wheelchair gloves & disability specific push mitts (Paraplegic & Quadriplegic/ tetraplegic).
    1/29 Tui Rd Papatoetoe 2025 Auckland New Zealand
  12. DaeSSy
    Manufacturer of mounting hardware and adjustable furniture designed primarily for use in the Assistive Technology field.
    The three main categories of products are: Wheelchair Mounting Systems for communication devices and laptop computers, Switch Mounting Systems, and wheelchair accessible adjustable Desks and Computer Workstations.
    Daedalus Technologies, Inc.
    2491 Vauxhall Place; Richmond, B.C.; Canada, V6V 1Z5

  13. DIESTCO Manufacturing Company
    Canopies, Wheelchair & Scooter Bags, Walker Bags, Trays, Covers and Aids to Daily Living
    PO Box 6504; Chico, California 95927 USA
  14. Down-Under Wool
    Manufactures and sells Sheepskin and Wool-Pile products. Items available include wool-pile wheelchair pads, sheepskin wheelchair arm pads, sheepskin seat covers, elbow pads, heel pads and foot plate covers. Fleece products help reduce pressure, friction and moisture -- the primary causes of pressure sores or ulcers.
  15. EZ Lock Wheelchair Restraint Systems
    EZ Lock is an easy and effective means of securing an occupied wheelchair in a moving vehicle.
    EZ Lock, Inc.
    2001 Wooddale Boulevard; Baton Rouge, LA USA

  16. Frog Legs Suspension Casters
    Frog Legs
    PO Box 465; Vinton, Iowa 52349 USA
  17. Globaleather
    Manufacturer of Wheelchair gloves, pet accessories and leather goods.
  18. Greentyre Airless Bicycle Tire
    Flat Proof, Maintenance Free Bicycle & Wheelchair Tires.
    1557 East Main St.; Richmond, Virginia 23219 USA
  19. Grover Gear
    Manufacturer of wheelchair cushion covers, wheelchair hunting covers, and other hard to find products for people with disabilities.
  20. Haseltine Systems Corporation
    An Innovative Disability Technology Company that manufactures cases for protecting wheelchairs during travel.
    340 McKinley Avenue; New Haven, Connecticut 06515 USA
  21. Kempf-Katalavox
    Designs and manufactures a voice-control system called Katalavox. It is a speech-recognition system used for control of power wheelchairs and other devices for quadriplegics and control of electrical functions in automobiles for disabled drivers.
  22. KENDA American Airless
    Complete line of Airless Tires, Tubes, and Innerthanes™ are specifically designed to perfectly fit all manual and electric wheelchairs and 3-wheel scooters.
    7302 E. Alondra Blvd.; Paramount, California 90723 USA
  23. KIK Tire
    KIK tires provide a soft, air-cushioned ride; yet they are incredibly durable, flat proof and maintenance free!
  24. LiftVest USA
    The LiftVest is a revolutionary aid in wheelchair transfer and walking stability that increases patient security and comfort, while minimizing caregiver back strain.
  25. Mobility Engineering
    The Handbike. Bike for Wheelchair Users.
    Mobility Engineering
    9104 W. Pooler; Pasco, Washington 99301 USA

  26. Monarch Bags
    Monarch Bags designs stylish wheelchair bags in a variety of prints and colors.
    PO Box 81; Mickleton, New Jersey 08056 USA
  27. National Power Chair
    National Power Chair is one of largest DC motor service centers for powered wheelchairs.
    A complete line of rebuilt motors (old and new) are kept on hand for chairs manufactured by E&J, Quickie, Invacare, Fortress, 21st Century and Redman.
    Motor parts, battery chargers and battery gauges are also available.
  28. Nighthawk Manufacturing Inc.
    Canadian manufacturer and distributor of wheelchair replacement parts.
  29. Rehab Designs, Inc
    Provider of custom built power and manual wheelchairs, wheelchair sports equipment, environmental control units, as well as voice operated computers.
    11700 Commonwealth Drive, Suite #1100; Louisville, Kentucky 40299 USA
  30. ROLLtalk
    ROLLtalk is a help aid for people with speech difficulties or who are physically handicapped. For those who cannot operate an electric wheelchair with a joystick as standard equipment, can with the use of ROLLtalk controlling the wheelchair functions.
    ROLLtalk can also control the opening of doors, turning on lights, TV, and radios.
    IGEL Kompaniet A/S Po.box 44 Fjellhamarveien 46 N-1472 Fjellhamar Norway
  31. Scooter-Tote®
    A Canadian manufacturer has developed a simple, effective way of transporting scooters. The Scooter Tote enables individuals to regain complete independence when transporting their scooters by automobile.
    #2102-739 Princess St.; New Westminster, BC, V3M-6V6 Canada
  32. Seating And Positioning
    Freedom Designs, Inc. has been making adaptive seating and positioning systems for over fifteen years.
    Proper positioning is crucial to the wheelchair-bound patient for prevention of deformities and accommodation of fixed deformities and injuries. A variety of seating systems are offered to help you accomplish optimal positioning.
  33. Surelock Wheelchair Locks
    Surelock Wheelchair Locks can be installed on new or retrofitted on used wheelchairs.
  34. SWISS-TRAC Wheelchair Traction engine
    SWISS-TRAC turns your manual wheelchair into a powerful all-terrain wheelchair in seconds. It is a new approach in personal mobility. Just clip on and drive..! Over sticks and stones!
    Grepperstrasse 77; CH-6403 Kuessnacht; Switzerland
  35. Symmetric Designs
    Symmetric Designs has a variety of wheelchair accessories. We offer custom contouring seating, wheelchair headrests, a lap tray system, and an interface that allows wheelchair headrests to rotate.
    125 Knott Place, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, V8K 2M4
  36. The PHCIII
    Portable Vehicle Hand Control.
  37. The Tin Man Wheelchair Robots
    The Tinman supplementary wheelchair controller allows individuals to be able to quickly, safely and independently operate their own wheelchair and easily direct their own movements through the world.
  38. TriQuality, Inc.
    Manufacturer and distributor of wheelchair replacement parts and accessories.
    8590 Younger Creek Drive; Sacramento, California 95828 USA
  39. Venture Products Inc.
    Manufacturers of the Ventrac System, enabling seniors and people with disabilities to perform a wide variety of outdoor activities. Providing mobility, freedom, employment and the ability to be self-sufficient.
    12657 Church Rd; PO Box 148; Orrville, Ohio 44667 USA
  40. Wheelchair Gloves
    Harness Designs, Inc
    516 Middlebrooks Circle Tallahassee, FL 32312 USA
  41. Wheelchair Torso Support System
    Torso support system for the disabled - Wheelchairs/Scooters/ATV's. Support with Control.
    4723 Airport Road; Nampa, Idaho 83687 USA
  42. Whitmyer Biomechanix, Inc.
    Head Support Devices for People With Disabilities
    Whitmyer Biomechanix, Inc. manufacturer of World Class Head Supports.
    1833 Junwin Court; Tallahassee, Florida 32308 USA
  43. wUnderGlow Wheelchair Light
    wUnderGlow is the first wheelchair light designed for manual wheelchairs. Use wUnderGlow for safety and fun.

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